PJ's Story

PJ McKeithan aka PJ FRFR, the Founder of Faithville Brand, is from Raeford, North Carolina. The young man shares the experience of his faith as a lifestyle. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, PJ was his mother's first child at the age of 16. He was followed by the birth of two sisters before his parents divorced. PJ grew up in the poverty and wanting more became his daily struggle early in life. Music became his first love. It was the escape for PJ for real for real. His passion for creating music started as early as 5th grade. The young entrepreneur was recording himself, freestyling, and selling mixtapes in no time. Kicked out of high school and selling drugs at 17 years old, PJ put everything he had into his music career. From having songs played on the local radio stations to doing shows with Nate Dogg, Pastor Troy, and Petey Pablo, the young rapper was making a name for himself; or so he thought. Loyalty, dedication, and some math skills made PJ quite successful as a street hustler, but not as successful in the entertainment business. As years passed pursuing this music career, PJ found himself at rock bottom, holding shame with regrets. Now on his own, divorced, separated from his kids, and almost homeless, PJ finally gives his ear to God. Revelation of Grace blew his mind, and the way God showed up in his life was a story he had to share. PJ is an testimony of God's steadfast Love. His message is inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. God blessed him with a new, healthy marriage, and yes, new, healthy children. God gave him new desires to make new music. PJ McKeithan is now the CEO of his own faith based T-shirt brand, a minister of The Gospel, a musician, a husband to a Godly woman, and a father of 6 beautiful kids. The intense energy PJ gives expressing his story is so captivating and compelling. How PJ puts all he is into the music, fashion, and message, is unequivocally a gift of God.